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About US

About us: We hope our website will soon become the place everyone will feel good buying and selling products. What’s the difference between our site and the rest?

Duke Distribution’s determination to prove the importance of local Motorsports in America. Duke believes that the world needs leadership and that begins with the business and business owners at the community level. Lets face it, the business owners in the communities we live in depend on the success of the society around them. With the decline of effective newspaper, TV and radio advertising, the local race car is quickly becoming the connecting piece all business.

We believe in this so much, we are putting $$ back into the racing community with every purchase in hope to gain added support from everyone. We firmly believe that local level Motorsports is a key to bring balance and leadership to communities across the USA. Every time you buy from our site, a % of the profit will be put back into local level Motorsports. Please be aware that this site is VERY NEW and will be uploading new products and services daily. Contact us if you would like your products and services offered in our store. Please make sure to check back to our website often for the latest products and services added!

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