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Our store is one we hope everyone will feel good about buying and selling products at due to our devotion to community and helping business of all sizes be more successful. We help sell, brand & promote products and with our 60 plus years of LTL and truckload experience, we’ll even simplify your shipping needs. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to work with us? Call us NOW

If you have a good product that’s competitively priced but simply haven’t found an affordable way to educate the masses about your product, we may have just the solution. With our history in Motorsports, we’ve had a blast growing critical friendships in the racing community across the USA. Race fans know how to help get the word out about products involved in racing and are tenacious about making sure they are successful. With our team of professional photographers and videographers, we certainly will put your products right where everyone to see!!

Message us and we’ll set up a time to look at your products, evaluate if its a good fit for “The Plan” and start working on a marketing plan that will fit your budget. With Duke’s experienced team of professionals, your product is destine to start moving from our store and stores across the country in no time. Call us today!!