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16oz Reinforced Treated Canvas Tarps

16oz Reinforced Treated Canvas Tarps

Tarp Supply’s Super Heavy Duty Reinforced Canvas Tarps are built for industrial and agricultural use. This canvas tarp feature provides extra strength at grommet stress points with heavy pulling or long-run hauling. Treated canvas is designed for outdoor use as the treatment gives off an odor and may leave stains/residue, including when used in direct contact with other products.

Tarp Supply Super Heavy Duty 16oz REINFORCED Canvas Tarps
Industrial Standard Cut Size (Finished size is 6-9 inches or 5-7% less than the listed size after folding the edges and hemming them in)
100% woven duck cotton
4-layer triangular reinforcement patches at every grommet
Silicon treated to resist water and mildew
Rust-resistant heavy duty brass grommets every 24 inches
Double-stitched seams with strong, rot-resistant threads for extra strength
Choose from Colors: Brown, Olivedrab (Dark Green), Tan, White Reinforced Canvas Tarps
Made in USA
This tarp is made to order

Popular Uses
Farm Covers; Agricultural Tarps, Construction Covers, Truck Tarps, Trailer Covers

***When ordering, please ask for “REINFORCED canvas tarps.” For exact sizes, please contact us at 630-953-4700.***

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