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Blue Poly Tarps

Blue Poly Tarps are considered a multi-purpose utility cover and they are the most economical choice in our line of poly tarp products. Moreover, they have the capacity to protect against the elements such as rain, dirt and snow temporarily, while being lightweight and easily maneuverable.

Tarp Supply’s All Purpose Blue Poly Tarps
High Density Woven Polyethylene
UV treated on both sides for superior sunlight protection
Rot, wind, and mildew resistant
Rope reinforced hemmed edges for added strength
Cut Size (finished size is about 5-7% or 6″-9″ less than the listed size after folding and hemming the edges)
8 x 8 Weave, 3 oz/sq yard, 5 MIL Thick
NOT Flame Resistant
Popular Uses:
Temporary ground, temporary construction, and woodpile covers
Machinery, construction, and farm equipment covers
BBQ grill, pool, patio, car, and pallet covers
Hay tarp, seasonal wind breaker, seasonal boat covers

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