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16oz Flame Retardant Treated Canvas Tarps

16oz Flame Retardant Treated Canvas Tarps

Tarp Supply Flame Retardant Canvas Tarps are made with high quality duck cotton. Canvas is a popular fabric used to make fire retardant tarps made with natural fibers and produce less waste than synthetic materials.

Treated canvas gives off an odor and may leave stains/residue, including when used in direct contact with other products.

Tarp Supply Flame Retardant Canvas Tarps
Industry Standard Cut Size (Finished size is 6-9 inches or 5-7% less after folding over the edges and hemming them)
100% Woven Duck Cotton
Heavy duty brass, rust resistant grommet every 24 inches around the sides and in each corner
10oz before treatment; 16oz after treatment
Water, rot, and mildew resistant
Triple thick hems and double stitched seams for added strength
Made in USA
Breathable and prevent condensation buildup
Popular Uses
Salvage Covers, Equipment and Tools Covers, Cargo Covers, Truck Covers , Camp Grounds, Construction Covers, Farm Equipment
***If you don’t see the size that you need below, please do not hesitate to call us 1-630-953-4700 for a free custom order quote today!***

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